Controller Board for Radio Management Panel

Design a board that can control 12 keys with led, one encoder and 12 segment displays. The control link had to be ethernet in order to reduce cabling and remove OS dependencies in the main control computer.
We designed a board using a LM3S Cortex M3 from Luminary Micro, now TI. The operating system used was FreeRTOS, and the TCP/ IP library was LwIP. The board had also remote firmware update using bootp.
Controller Board for Radio Management Panel

This board was designed taking into account that existent solutions based in USB or UART had wiring and grounding problem, this way
using Ethernet this problem is solved. Its main characteristics are:
• LM3S Cortex M3 processor with Ethernet MAC+PHY inside the same chip
• 12 keys matrix controller
• 12 led matrix controller
• Encoder controller
• 12 segment display controller
• TCP/IP connectivity
• FreeRTOS based BSP and Application
with bootloader for remote firmware update

Programming (OS,BSP)