Data Concentration System

Design a system capable of gathering data from an electrical counter for solar installations and different sensors connected to a PLC using modbus. All data had to be stored locally and sent via a redundant link using Ethernet or GPRS. The system had to withstand power loss up to 4 hours.
We built a system using RBZ custom module and a carrier board that had all the interfaces required for data gathering: RS232, RS485, Ethernet and GPRS module. For data storage we used an SD card. The system included a LiPO battery.
Data Concentration System

Designed to work in an environment where electrical power was not guaranteed a 100% time, it’s main characteristics are:
• RS232 to comunicate with electrical counter
• RS485 to communicate with Siemens PLC using modbus
• GPRS modem
• RBZ custom module
• SD card for data storage
• Linux based BSP and final application, including redundant link management and safe data sotrage
• Up to 8h working with LiPO battery, including sending data over GPRS

Programming (OS,BSP)