Interactive Video Guide

Guide for museums with audio, video and able to run adobe flash. Capable of indoor positioning with different technologies with ranges from meters to centimeters.
Design was started in 2006, the architecture was based on the iMX31 running linux. To run adobe flash the open source Gnash flash player was used. The indoor positioning was based in WiFi, Infrared sensors, RFID reader and ultrasonic positioning.
Interactive Video Guide

It was designed in 2006, some years before the tablets become common. Adobe flash player was chosen to create many contents for each
museum, and our own technology to give flash animations the ability to communicate with the hardware. The main characteristics are:
• 7’’ inches display with 800x480 pixel resolution and resistive touch screen.
• 802.11b WiFi and 2.4GHz proprietary radio
• Ultrasonic positioning system with ±1cm precision
• IR receivers, accelerometers, and RFID reader
• battery powered with 5 hours of autonomy

Programming (OS,BSP)