Solar Plant Monitoring System

Monitor up to 255 solar inverters over a half-duplex RS485 line, one electrical counter and irradiance sensor. The collected data are sent to a remote server over GPRS connection. Firmware should be upgraded over GPRS.
Design was based on ARM7 from ST and GPRS modem from Telit. It has RS485 and RS232 transceiver, adaptation circuits for irradiance and temperature sensors. A secure bootloader was programmed, every night it connected to the server to check the last software review and download the newest one.
Solar Plant Monitoring System

Designed to work in hard environmental conditions. Its main characteristics are:
• Capable to communicate with SMA and Delta inverters. New inverters can be supported through remote software update
• Orbit and Circutor electric counters supported.
• Configuration parameters could be changed remotely using a web interface
• Fits in DIN rail standard
• -40º to +85ºC Temperature range

Programming (OS,BSP)