Train Control and Management System

System with Ethernet and CAN with digital I/O and analog Inputs, capable of support a wide range of input and output voltage levels. It´s logic is very simple but shall be very robust.
The design was based in a Cortex M3 from TI. It includes the Ethernet phy and CAN transceptors, wich makes the design simple and cheap. The digital I/O were isolated and designed to support up to 120V. BSP for FreeRTOS was created, and could be upgraded to SaveRTOS.

Designed to work in hard environmental conditions. Its main characteristics are:
• 1 x 10/100 Ethernet port and 2 x 1Mbps CAN ports, both 1.5Kv isolated
• 8 x Digital inputs with a range of 20-120V for a logic ‘1’
• 8 x Digital outputs with a maximum range of 120V and 1.7A
• 8 x Analog inputs with a range of 0-10V
• -40º to +85ºC Temperature range

Programming (OS,BSP)