Vibration Analysis System

Design a system capable of sample up to 16 analog inputs and up to 250K samples/sec simultaneously, record up to 8 seconds, store the results and analyze them in frequency domain.
The system was based on a BF537 plus Spartan3 200 and 1GB NAND flahs. A solution with little adaptation boards for each channel was created, therefore new adaptation board for wide range of sensors could be done for future improvements.
Vibration Analysis System

Designed to work in hard environmental conditions. Its main characteristics are:
• 1 x 10/100 Ethernet port and USB host in the front.
The USB is used to automatically download all the store data when a pendrive is connected.
• 16 x IEPE sensor standard inputs
• Tachometer input for measuring rotor speed
• Stores more than 1 month measures of 8 seconds each every hour.
• -40º to +85ºC Temperature range

Programming (OS,BSP)