SDE12: Solar Decathlon Europe
Decathlon Europe is an international university competition which promotes research into the development of efficient housing. The goal of the participating teams is to design and construct houses which consume the smallest amount of natural resources, and produce a minimum of waste during their life cycle. Particular emphasis is placed on reducing energy consumption and obtaining all necessary energy from the sun. RBZ works together with the team from the Polytechnic University of Madrid which oversees the monitoring of the competition to develop electronic monitoring systems.
Solar Decathlon Europe
The European project SAFETEX: Laser Welding of Plastic Textiles for Automated Manufacturing of Protective Clothing, Inflatable and Waterproof Devices from the MANUNET 2008 call, had the aim of developing the equipment and procedures required to make it possible to use a laser welding system to join textile panels through the robotic manipulation of seams, to overcome the limitations and drawbacks inherent in traditional sewing and taping methods. For this project RBZ designed the electronic controller for the entire welding system.
N4C: Communications for Challenged Areas
Architectures, Test-Beds and Innovative alliances funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. Its objective was to develop and verify a broadband network using delay and disruption tolerant technology in the Lapland mountains of Sweden and Slovenia, and to develop tracking systems for animals and hikers. For this project RBZ worked with the Polytechnic University of Madrid to develop a harvesting system to track reindeer herds in Swedish Lapland.