Software is the gas that makes the actual hardware work like an engine. There are many different parts in actual designs that need to be programmed, not just the micro processor, but DSPs, CPLDs and FPGAs. Multiprocessor systems are very common now in Industrial applications, as are SOC architectures with CPU+DSP or CPU+FPGA. It is very important to know how to program these parts but also how to communicate processes between them, creating parallel computing systems. RBZ provides mainly these software services:

The use of OS in embedded systems has a lot of advantages, and only few disadvantages.
We work with a range of OSs from small footprint RTOS to high performance OS.
This is the glue between the application and the real hardware.
On each design we create a BSP which includes the necessary drivers to manage all the resources of the system.
This is the last part to have a complete product, and usually the most complex one.
We have experience in embedded applications involving motor control, sensor acquisition, communications, GUIs and complex algorithms.
FPGAs are very important parts that could save processing time to CPUs when there are a many things to do in parallel.
Our engineers are experts in VHDL design, capable of creating anything from new peripherals to complex algorithms optimized to run in FPGAs.