RBZ has extensive experience with Analog Devices’ Blackfin processors, and is part of their “Third Party Developers” program.
Blackfin is an architecture which was designed by Intel for Analog Devices and which combines a fixed-point DSP with a traditional processor in a single core. This makes it ideal for audio and signal processing applications which also require a powerful operating system. RBZ regularly performs designs with this DSP, which include a uClinux BSP.

One example of where they are used is with VoIP applications. RBZ has developed designs which use Blackfin and uClinux processors to transfer audio using data networks.

Another example of where they are used is on a computer which samples analogue signals from different sensors at speeds of up to 250K/sample and performs filtering and FFT operations to store the results on a NAND memory device. Thanks to the uClinux OS, Telnet, SSH and FTP services were integrated, thus facilitating the supervision and exchange of data with a remote server.