For those systems which require advanced operating systems, Linux has become one of the most popular solutions. This operating system is capable of running on a large number of architectures and configurations, from small embedded systems to large supercomputers.

RBZ has experience in various areas of development under Linux:

- The creation of BSP’s (Board Support Packages) which contain all of the elements necessary for Linux to run on a specific platform. These packages contain the bootloader (u-boot/redboot/others), the Linux kernel with the patches necessary for it to run on the device and an RFS (Root File System), together with the instructions to restore all elements.

- The development of customised drivers for platforms based on a pre-existing BSP when you want to support a new device.

- Development of applications under Linux.

- Support for the configuration, management and development of Linux—based systems.

RBZ has successfully developed Linux-based systems on Analog Blackfin, ARM9/11/A8/A9, PowerPC and X86 architectures.